History of cuts of the Bovine Meat

History Angus & Hereford



The predominant races in the breeding of livestocks, in the Argentinean extensive fields, are two: Aberdeen Angus and Hereford and their combination, both of British origin. The race Aberdeen Angus is it would originate of Scotland. For their great size, black coat, remarkable attributes of reproduction, not only spread in same Great Britain, but in all those countries where it could adapt, to develop and to take out an enriching interest for the internal consumption and the exports. Argentina was added, as cattle country.
Hereford is it would originate of the south part of England, Herefordshire. From here it was introduced in Argentina in the 1858, locating it mainly in the humid pampas and then, in the north and south of the same one, for the great capacity of adaptation. In 1917, another race of the same blood, Polled hornless Hereford, entered to make part of the Argentinean patrimony, for its considerable size, growth, time of he/she surrenders and quality. Of their you cross they obtain the well-known "mask or white o caras blancas".