"The Company"

Argentinean spit Angus & Hereford A modern and welcoming Restaurant together with a cordial personnel and an adjusted relationship quality price, believe an appropriate atmosphere for those who want to savor the best meat from the world to the traditional Argentinean style.

The pictures that decorate it locate us in Extensive Argentina from North to South and of This to West, modern, traditional or country.

The meat is the product it shatters on the one that rotates all its letter: Meats brought expressly of Argentina, prepared with the technique of the country, in view of the client for Argentinean teachers and served to the consumer's pleasure.

The roasted one, the sausages, Provoleta, the Milanese, and the FINAL TOUCH, the dessert, a delicious pancake with sweet of milk concludes the menu to come closer to our culture